New Jaguar pictures.

New Jaguar pictures.


Wedding pictures.

Hi folks. So sorry for the lack of activity, but its been a mad month of May, which i’m glad to nearly see the back off.

I have been holding back on here for a while because I wanted to put some wedding pictures on for a wedding I did at the back end of last month for some friends of mine. I had made them a surprise album and wanted to make sure they got it before I put any pictures on here. I also wanted to make sure they didn’t mind me using the pictures on here also.

Anyway, they now have the album, so I thought I would put a few pictures up. I hope you like them, Dave and Tracey certainly seemed happy, and i’ve picked up another wedding next year as a result! Brilliant.

As usual, feel free to post your thoughts on any of the pictures…….

Ta ta, Mark

Long time no see.

Hello people. Sorry it has been quiet on here of late, I have had a busy few weeks with work and other commitments, including doing the wedding photography for a good friend of mine at the weekend. That was an exciting and also terrifying experience, but one that I enjoyed, and hopefully the happy couple too. I will hopefully be putting some pictures of the day up on here, but only once I have cleared it with them, once they are back from their honeymoon. In the mean time, I have lots of editing to do and also looking at getting some nice photobooks of the day made for them to present to them when they get back.

Other than that, I have an important day in work this week, but once that is out of the way, I want to launch myself back into my pictures, and will be doing more regular updates.

Keep popping over though to have a look, your comments are always welcomed.



Ebay selling.

I am trying something a little different today (to me anyway), and have posted a few of my pictures on ebay to see if there is any interest in them. These are canvas prints of pictures that I have made for me by a company in Hounslow. There is no money being made on them, its just an experiment to see if anyone will buy them or not.

Fingers crossed…..

Ta ta, Mark


Hello folks.

I have just set up another website for the biker group I am a member of, and that has lead me to a bit of experimenting with my own site. If you do notice the changes, they are supposed to have happened. If not, its because I have jacked it in and gone back to how it was……

Be patient with me.