who is MarkFalloonPhotography?

My name is Mark Falloon, I’m 34, I live near Chester and love my Photography. It is not something I do by trade, more something I have enjoyed doing for the last 6 years.

I can remember as a teenager I was bought an old SLR camera with film (remember them), used it for a while but wasn’t really that interested. Fast forward to 2007, I was living in Southend, had a few spare quid in my pocket, had fancied a nice Digital SLR, so bit the bullet and bought a new Canon 400D. I still have the camera now, and have had some great fun getting to learn some of the skills of digital photography and also editing, using Photoshop elements. In 2012 I decided I wanted another camera, more modern then the 400D, so I splashed out on a Canon 5D with a couple of Canon lenses, and also a new Mac computer with gorgeous 27″ monitor. I also decided to have a look at Lightroom, which is taking me a while to get my head around and I may still back it up with an elements package as well.

I am no expert when it comes to photography or post editing pictures, but I know what I like and have had some nice comments from people about my pictures. I have a contact who produces lovely canvases for me, so my house is littered with pictures I have taken over the years. It seems such a crime to take pictures, but never display them, and this is something I am hoping to change.

What do I like taking pictures of? Erm…..’all and everything’! As a person, I love cars, motorbikes and anything with an engine, so its stands to reason that I like taking pictures of them too. Old or new, nice condition or rusty wreck, its all the same to me. I also like a nice landscape picture, and it tends to be these that I have put up around the house. I have recently started taking pictures of my friends youngsters as gifts for them, and have enjoyed this type of photography, just for the challenge of getting the little people to stay still, or distract them enough to stop them looking straight at the camera or looking unnatural. This is a new direction though and one I am hoping to improve upon. I have not done a great deal of portrait stuff, other than the odd creative self portrait, so again, this is an area of improvement for me.

Anyway, this blogging is a new direction for me as well, and I hope to update it regularly and keep people interested in what I am doing. Please comment on my pictures if you like, I always like to hear peoples feedback.

Take care.

This is me....

This is me….

One thought on “who is MarkFalloonPhotography?

  1. Hi Mark, Some great photographs, really impressed. Look forward to seeing more. Regards, Sevie.

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