I have just added a few pictures from mine and Jemma’s recent trip to Iceland. What a stunning country, it was as enjoyable as everyone who has been said it would be. The landscape really is something else and there is so much to do, but alas, we didn’t have enough time to do everything we wanted, but I suspect we will be back there soon……..
We did manage to go to the Blue Lagoon, the Geysirs, frozen waterfalls and see a little of the town when we had a beautiful meal on the last night. Sadly we didn’t see the Northern lights due to cloud, and we couldn’t fit a visit to the volcano in, but we will return.
Have a look in the Iceland section, and as always, i’d love to hear your comments.
Enjoy. Mark.

Busy busy busy.

Hello everyone.

What with enjoying the summer and then going to Skiathos for my brothers wedding, I have been neglecting the site a little bit. I did loads of Photography whilst I was in Skiathos, most of it at my brother and Jen’s wedding, so I thought i’d best put some pictures up on here. I hope you like the pictures…….

I have a trip to Iceland coming up soon with Jemma and I am hoping to see the Northern Lights whilst I am there. Of course, my camera will be coming along, so stand by for more pictures once I have completed that trip.

Ta ta for now.


Lightning strikes!

Lightning strikes!

Due to work I am struggling to get time to get out with the camera and do some snapping……..which is very annoying.
The gorgeous weather and warm spell look to be coming to an end soon, and thunder and lightning for forecast. I love lightning, it reminds me of a picture I took out in Spain a few years ago whilst staying at my parents house. It was 2007 and I had only had my trusty old Canon 400D a few weeks, so I was well pleased to have captured this picture without much practice. I hope you like it. Please feel free to pass and comments or to get in touch with me.

Wedding pictures.

Hi folks. So sorry for the lack of activity, but its been a mad month of May, which i’m glad to nearly see the back off.

I have been holding back on here for a while because I wanted to put some wedding pictures on for a wedding I did at the back end of last month for some friends of mine. I had made them a surprise album and wanted to make sure they got it before I put any pictures on here. I also wanted to make sure they didn’t mind me using the pictures on here also.

Anyway, they now have the album, so I thought I would put a few pictures up. I hope you like them, Dave and Tracey certainly seemed happy, and i’ve picked up another wedding next year as a result! Brilliant.

As usual, feel free to post your thoughts on any of the pictures…….

Ta ta, Mark